Tuesday, October 15, 2019

City announces plans to develop entire city of Chicago within Fairhope next year.

Plans were announced in the early morning hours this Tuesday for new developments along 181 in Fairhope recreating the entire city of Chicago. The new residential portions of the plan will squeeze 2.5 million people and add a whopping 150,000 new spaces for banks and coffee shops. Some are arguing that Fairhope cant fit another 2 million people on 181, but developers plan to expand the road to 4 lanes, which might help the issue. 

Not all locals are against the plans. Some are welcoming to the new Chicago, hoping to get a chance to try the famous hot dogs and pizza styles, but we're not certain that the food will come with the buildings. Others worry that the new Chicago will come with higher crime statistics. The developers argue against this point, stating that a City of this magnitude will surely come with it's own Batman.

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  1. Nope!! No way....as it is they are killing and pushing away the wild life in the area...men are the worst predators, leave Alabama alone!! Go bring your junk to big cities where crime e is high. One reason Alabama is still a good place to live it's because people decided to keep it small and simple


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