Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Lulu Buffet adds Seafood Buffet to iconic restaurant to delightfully confuse tourists.

One of the biggest tourist destinations on the Gulf Coast is about to make big changes to their menu. Lulu Buffet (sister of musician Jimmy Buffet and reader of a book by Warren Buffet) has decided to switch her dining layout to Buffet Style instead of the original menu options. Some say this may confuse guests who now have to change pronunciation of Buffet for different contexts, a difficulty for travelling Floridians who perhaps used their mental capacity to choose their Lottery numbers that day.

To add in the fun, Lulu's will penalize you for pronouncing Buffet wrong within the context, forcing you to walk the plank into a kiddie pool filled with Margarita mix and Heinz 57. Don't slip up!

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