Wednesday, December 18, 2019

After Paula Deen steps on Lulu Buffett's turf, City of Foley demands Rap Battle to squash "Beef".

For decades food entrepreneur Lulu Buffet has reigned supreme on the Gulf Coast restaurant circuit. This Fall, a new challenger has stepped up to the "plate", as greasy food queen Paula Deen sets up her own empire at OWA. The news came as a shock to many who viewed this as stepping straight into Buffet territory. Generally in the food world, there can only be one Food Queen per zip code. Buffett's posse immediately began to engage with Deen's crew, throwing down insults about her cuisine. At one point, Buffett even took to Twitter, tweeting "Paula better slide dat fin to the left! I better see some changes in attitude and changes in lattitude fam!". This ignited Deen into a social media frenzy. Since then, the two have been at it daily.

The City Council of Foley have finally intervened in the situation urging the two to live peacefully with one another or face serious consequences. The Mayor then added that if the two women did not squash the beef, then they would have to settle the argument with an all out Rap Battle that will take place in Tanger Outlet Mall. The rules will be simple: the two will take turns dishing out the best rhymes bringing out the opponent's flaws and insecurities. The rapper with the best crowd response at the end of the battle will be crowned winner, and will take home a $15 gift certificate to Whacked Out Wiener. 


  1. Gotta see least the gift certificate rocks!

  2. Come on their both famous let's get along . Their plenty of business to go around. No needed to be nasty


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