Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Startling discovery reveals Point Clear family vacationed in Gulf Shores, but bought 30A Shirts.

On Tuesday Morning details about a family's vacation were leaked by a whistleblower who stated that her neighbors said they were vacationing in Seaside, but receipts she found in their trash claim otherwise. The receipts show that the family in reality stayed at a condo in Gulf Shores, but at some point traveled to Seaside to purchase shirts, hats, and a 30A car decal.

The Point Clear community has in response excommunicated the family in question if found guilty, and will possibly ban them across Business 98. The residents of Point Clear claim that staying in Seaside is quite costly, and that using the car sticker without staying in Seaside is unfair, but also clever and maybe we should have done that. The trial will be held at Lakewood Country Club in the Elliptical room this Saturday.

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