Thursday, February 27, 2020

Auburn to pave over Agricultural Research property to research basketball instead.

Auburn University's Dean Nicholas Giordano has announced that the Gulf Coast Research and Extension Center in Fairhope will now undergo massive renovations to prepare for further research into the game of basketball. Dean Giordano said in a press conference this afternoon that Auburn's basketball team has gained great recognition in the last few seasons, and the agricultural team has yet to even make it to a tournament.

The barren fields along Business 98 and highway 104 will be freshly paved and flattened, allowing for thousands of basketball courts. The cows on the property will remain however, as coach Bruce Pearl states that they make great defense for practicing drills. Many assume the Agricultural dept would be spiteful after the big loss, but the head of Agricultural Sciences just announced a new found strain of Broccoli, to which he has given the name of the heirloom variety "Charles Broccoli" in recognition of Auburn Basketball.

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