Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Gulf Coast Catholic Church entices new members by serving King Cake for Communion.

Deep in the heart of the Gulf Coast community in Fairhope, Alabama, one Catholic Church aims at bringing in new members with a very sweet deal: Communion King Cakes. A much better option than the previous flavorless wafers, offering King Cakes helps utilize the leftover Mardi Gras fare, as well as supporting local bakeries. St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Fairhope started the trend this year and hopes to continue once COVID-19 restrictions loosen.

St. Lawrence of Fairhope
 One representative from St. Lawrence tells us that King Cake already has historical significance in the Catholic community, which makes it the perfect choice. The church has not decided on continuing with traditional cake or expanding to include cream cheese concoctions. Already the church has grown in capacity by 15%, some think it's due to a new change in communion. There has been some controversy over the matter though, when they included a new feature, stating anyone finding the plastic baby Jesus will be absolved from all sins for the day.

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