Thursday, July 2, 2020

Fairhope's famed flowers going plastic next season.

For decades, Fairhope has blessed the community and tourists alike with vivid arrays of fresh flowers flowing through downtown. The flowers are beloved by all but do require many thousands of dollars in constant upkeep by the city. The council voted to finally switch over to artificial flowers next season, which will allow the city to bring in many new arrangement not native to the area. Some of the new arrangement may include Lily of the Valley, Catmint, and Coral Bells, which usually prefer colder climates. The City will not stop there though, as they've hired a local science fiction illustrator to come up with plants not even native to this dimension. Be expecting our famous clock to be surrounded by Chudwumpers, Child Eating Banderkooks, or even Blarf-Baskets this Fall.


  1. Sorry but that is going to look like SHIT

  2. yeah that's just dumb but fitting for fairhope

  3. Replies
    1. April Fools in July? You might be right... this has been a crazy year!
      I think Easter will be in September for me.

  4. Obviously some readers don't realize this is a satire site.


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