Friday, July 10, 2020

2020 Mayoral race to be decided by Golf Cart Jousting event, winner takes all.

After a century of boring old voting by ballots, Fairhope has decided to put a spin on it's mayoral race this year by holding the first ever Golf Cart Joust Election. The rules are simple: each candidate must provide their own golf cart (new candidate John Manelos has opted for a Paddle Board with wheels) and battle one-on-one in a live tournament downtown until the winner is selected. The event will take place in the courtyard of Mosher Castle and will offer other events for spectators as well, such as food vendors, sword fighting, and a county wide Archery contest against reigning champion Robin, of Loxley (Al). Since the number of candidates is low this year so far the city will be initiating a draft as well. Drafted candidates will be forced to joust which should add to the entertainment.

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