Thursday, October 8, 2020

AT&T ditches new tower, begins installation of new Fairhope Tin Can Network.


  Fairhope, Al-  Residents of Fairhope have complained about poor AT&T service in areas of town for nearly a decade. Hurricane Sally furthered the disrepair of the local network, causing thousands to be without service and more with bad reception. A damaged tower was set to be replaced this week, but officials found this morning that the plan was scrapped for a more antiquated approach, a network of rope and tin cans. 

Each home in certain districts of town affected by the damaged tower will receive a AT&T official Tin Can for around $799. The rope will be provided for free, once to pay the $199 monthly fee for 12 months. There is no risk of losing service with this method, but you will hear every other resident speaking at the same time. Using your own tin cans from your pantry will also work with the network, but doing this without an official can may net you a hefty fine and possible jail time. If you would like to contact AT&T and speak with a representative,  a special can has been set up and wired directly to a large rock, which may actually be a better alternative than the former method.

Stay tuned for updates.

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