Friday, October 16, 2020

Thousand outraged after finding FEMA only providing Sally victims with a sticker and Dum Dum sucker.


Baldwin County, Al-  Residents of Baldwin County are livid after finding out that FEMA will not be providing financial support for the millions of dollars in damages after Hurricane Sally last month. Many claims were immediately denied, and the few that were processed are receiving compensation via sassy stickers and a dum dum lollipop. For some, the lollipop didn't ease the burden of the destruction of their property and the downing of all of their trees. 

One resident of Fairhope spoke with TFI- 
 "I've already paid nearly twenty thousand dollars for tree removal just this week! I was hoping for some financial assistance but all I got was this sucker! It wasn't even one of those good suckers thats big and round and taste like strawberry cheescake or whatever, you know the ones that are like $4 each? I would've liked one of those..."

TFI is monitoring the situation and reaching out to FEMA for comment, but at this time all of our inquiring are shut down and denied. 

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