Friday, December 4, 2020

New Publix set to open in Point Clear in 2022, will host Polo on the Point for grand opening.


Residents of Point Clear, Alabama will rejoice next year as a new Publix supermarket will open on the corner of 98 and Battles road. The news came as a great relief to the Lakewood Community, who in recent years has had many altercations with the Rock Creek crowd when shopping at Fairhope's original Publix location. Rock Creek residents, who are very territorial with the Publix, have often squabbled with Lakewooders while shopping, sometimes resulting in gang-like group fighting in the parking lots and aisles. Rock Creek members armed with 9 Irons have collided into crowds of Point Clear ruffians brandishing vintage wooden oars leaving many hospitalized in the past. Police Chief Hollinghead of the FPD stated that the new Publix should lead to a large reduction in gang fighting like this, but could end up feeding fuel to the fire of the Lakewood vs. Fish River feud. 

In brighter news, The U.S Polo Assn in conjunction with Publix, has decided to hold the 2022 Polo on the Point match in the new Publix parking lot for the Grand Opening. The Polo Players are especially excited about this, as the Publix employees will not only do most of the work, but will also assist the players on bringing the ball to the net for them all without a tip and while feeding them samples of Boar's Head cheese.

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