Monday, November 16, 2020

Fairhope business stirs up controversy not serving local law enforcement.


Fairhope, (AL)-  One gulf coast business in the small town of Fairhope has created major controversy after it's recent policy to not serve local law enforcement. The business, Leroy's Meth Distributing, which specializes in retail delivery of methamphetamine products and whatever else is available at the time, has made it clear to friends and customers that no policeman shall be served his products. The businessman even questions all customers to make certain they are not police officers before making any transaction. One witness who wishes to remain anonymous, tells TFI:

  "They wouldn't even deal with me because I had a mustache! I don't even see a lot of cops with mustaches anymore. That's not even a good stereotype!".

TFI has reached out to Leroy, but he commented only that no such business exists, then asked if I was a cop, then asked if I was interested in buying two gently used car tires he found. An investigation has since taken place to find Leroy for further questioning, but he has not yet been found, and apparently was last seen trying to dig a hole to Gulf Shores. TFI is standing by for further breaks.

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