Thursday, February 18, 2021

CK Collection for Women and CK Mens finally together under one roof, CK Baby expected in 9 months.


The iconic downtown shops CK Collection and CK Mens announced that they will finally be joining the two businesses under one roof in 2021. The stores were originally together years ago, but they split after CK Womens found CK Mens was secretly discussing loafers with his old business school sweetheart, East Bay Clothiers. With the pandemic of 2020, the two shops began talking again, and CK Mens offered a fig leaf of sorts by means of a gifted mannequin or two. By the end of the year, CK Collection for Women was spending most it's time at CK Mens, and leaving boxes of bobby pins and lingerie in the public restroom daily. Some locals are expecting a Baby CK Collection within the year if things go right. 

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