Monday, February 22, 2021

Dr. Music may lose medical license after turning a woman into a record player.


Fairhope (Al)- What was supposed to be a routine checkup turned out to have major consequences for a Fairhope woman last Tuesday. She had scheduled an appointment last month with her primary care physician, Dr. Music, for what seemed to be lingering shoulder pain. She was prescribed a Pink Floyd album to be listened to twice daily, but after several weeks with no luck she had to return to her doctor. This time a routine total shoulder replacement surgery was initiated as a last resort. The woman recalls to TFI: 

 "The last thing I remember before I was given the anesthesia was the doctor saying something to his nurse about how a suitcase was practically a person, just a different shape."

After the surgery, the woman was getting a ride home from her husband, and had asked him to turn off the radio, only to find the radio was already turned off. She was the music. The music continued through the day until they discovered it was actually emitting from her shoulder.  The record installed in the woman is what they call a "45", which is smaller than your typical vinyl album. The shoulder was playing the hit single "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley on repeat, which further irritated the woman, as she cannot physically turn the record to hear the B-Side. 

Several people have since come out in a class action lawsuit for medical malpractice and the doctor in at risk of losing his medical license. If this case is successful, the business will be forced to change it's name to just "Music". 


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