Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Study finds Fairhope population is just Realtors and bankers just selling houses to each other back and forth.


A recent poll distributed throughout Baldwin County, Alabama came back with some interesting data. The poll focused on the occupations and salaries of residents in the county, and was issued by a local non-profit that issues Polls because they hate trees. 

The study found some amazing details about Fairhope in particular, showing nearly 60% of residents work in Real Estate, and the entire rest of the  working population are bankers. When looking further into the recent year's data, nearly all home sales were either real estate agents selling to other agents or agents selling to bankers. The results confused many, seeing that there are nearly 20 times the amount of real estate workers in Fairhope when compared to other small towns, but this may be due to a mix up at the Fairhope Satellite Courthouse, where the City accidentally issued real estate licenses along with drivers licenses from 2010-2018. 

They say there may be as many as 2,000 residents in Fairhope with the wrongly issued licenses, but the City Council agreed to grandfather them in as long as the agents only sold homes within city limits and had really cool signs. 

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