Tuesday, February 2, 2021

"Cold War" erupts between Fairhope High School and Grand Hotel after The Grand purchases another cannon.


The long time treaty between the Fairhope schooling system and the Grand Hotel was broken Sunday as it was discovered that Grand had secretly purchased a second cannon, throwing off the current balance of power in Fairhope. It has been well known through our history that the only thing preventing complete chaos from erupting between the school and hotel staff was the balance of firepower, with both facilities operating the threat of a single cannon. The sudden news of the Grand's second cannon has FHS desperately seeking to find their own second cannon, but due to the global shortage of cannons, FHS has had to settle for 3 potato launchers. Both superpowers demonstrate their firepower often, shooting cannonballs into the bay or onto the disc golf course, hoping to "flex" their cannon's ability. If this tit for tat battle continues we may see both sides end up in a never ending battle for Fairhope dominance.    

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