Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Fairhope Golf Carters flood local power stations for electricity amid fuel panic.


After an east coast based Oil Refinery was hacked this week, panic ensued over the southern region of the U.S with thousand pouring over gas stations to get some of that sweet sweet Dino juice. In Fairhope, a quaint town on the Gulf Coast, the fear spread to Golf Carts as well. On Wednesday, golf cart enthusiasts flooded power stations with extension cords hoping to siphon off any electricity they could just in case there was an electricity hack too. Hundred of locals brought fluffy animals, socks, and family members with curly hair to gather fuel in the form of static electricity. Governor Ivey had to make an emergency announcement to Fairhope that there is no need to panic as the Gulf Coast gets their electricity from a guy rubbing two balloons together in Pascagoula.  

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