Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Meet the owners of Fairhope's hippest restaurant The Despair Farm

 When Thad and Chimera Winston moved to Fairhope from their hometown Seattle, they realized their was a great need for a restaurant that catered to a different kind of crowd, the Goths. The Winstons quickly went to work opening up The Despair Farm, a farm to table style restaurant whose menu offers such delicacies as "cigarette and matches", "cigarette and book of poems", or "cigarette and rose painted black." which are not metaphors but actually just cigarettes. And don't bother with Instagram photos, The Despair Farm is often completely unlit, and the loud emo style music drowns out any video recording. The unusual business hours of 8-4pm keeps Despair Farms free from customers mostly, which doesn't bother the Winstons, as they actually encourage you NOT to come. They mostly want to be left alone and they are very adamant that this is not a phase, Mom,  this is a lifestyle. 

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