Thursday, August 25, 2022

Record setting rain levels causing over abundance of local Grunge Bands to form.


Fairhope, Alabama has a thriving music scene with many bands showcasing Americana, Rock, and Country leanings (and Karl Langley is the drummer for all of them), not to mention 3 Grateful Dead cover Bands that all are secret operatives of the Fairhope Police Department who keep a watchful eye on all the local Hippies. 

A new change is occurring however as we experience months of consistent daily rainfall on the Gulf Coast. Many of the local bands are switching gears to a more heavy and depressing sound, switching up their acoustic rigs for crunchy electric tones, and throwing on ripped jeans and grungy sweaters. Grayson Capps was ahead of the curve on the new look, but even he is jumping on board with a heavier, more melancholic vibe. Many local stores are jumping on the bandwagon too, such as the Fairhope Store, who is changing up their iconic t-shirts to just a plain black sweater. 

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