Monday, November 20, 2023

New Flat Earth Church set to open it's doors very soon for believers all across the globe.


Founded by the Flat Earth Society, a new church, Plane & Level, will invite believers from all across the globe or whatever term they use to describe a flat round planet (Dirt Cracker is my suggestion). Plane & Level is not quite a church in a religious sense, but more of a fellowship of like-minded geniuses who one day cracked the code of a global conspiracy to keep us from traveling to the forbidden edge of the earth where the real Magnolia Ball takes place. The new church is acting as a consultant for the City of Fairhope as well, guiding the Public Works crew in the installation of a new pipeline on Section street that will divert all sewage waste to the edge of the Earth and onto the head of the Cosmic Turtle.  Plane & Level will also provide members and guests with award winning food dishes as well for a small fee. 

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