Monday, July 1, 2024

Fairhope PD announces new "Flag" system to warn against Bachelorette Parties, Issues Double Red Flag warning all this week.


With Farihope becoming a premier spot for bachelorette and bachelor parties rivaling Nashville, Las Vegas, and Waffle House, Local residents have had to learn to cope with the dangers of the hordes of newcomers ready to party and POSE. Chief Hollinghead warned residents this morning about the risks of encountering the massive parties set to occur this week with Art Walk and Independence Day activities, instructing against getting too close lest you get sucked into the riptide. A bachelorette party riptide has claimed 4 casualties this year alone in Fairhope, and is similar to a normal riptide as it sucks up unsuspecting pedestrians with a quickness, and soon you find yourself in pink boots and matching skirts and you just want to get RIPPED. Remember if you find yourself getting sucked in, swim with the current until you get to the nucleus of the party, then just go with it until 8pm when practically everything is closed anyway.

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