Tuesday, July 9, 2024

New Bourbon Themed Retirement Community opens in Fairhope.


The best party in Fairhope last week happened to be the grand opening of a new retirement community, Woodford Reserve, located on Greeno and Volanta. Last Wednesday they hosted newcomers to free bourbon tasting, pickleball, and a 5pm Rave set to the music of Glen Cambpell, a supposed musical artist from the days of old. The newest Fairhope retirement community was created for lovers of Bourbon, and people are flocking from across the world to sign up. Amenities include discount cigars, complimentary bourbon during meals, heartburn medicine, and a casket made from discarded charred oak barrels. For those inclined, the community is split between swingers and non-swingers, or as they have aptly named the "Angels Share" or "Devil's Cut" condominiums.

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