Monday, July 31, 2017


Baldwin Co Superintendent Eddie Tyler and the Board of Education confirmed Friday morning many changes to the school's nutrition program. Some of these changes were welcomed without dispute such as the change to add a 120% increase in Vitamin A containing food to the lunches. One change however has been gaining a lot of attention. That is to classify the Moon Pie as a vegetable from February through March. 

Several local schools started the new agenda and have noticed a huge decrease in cost of food at the schools. Their pantries are filled to the brim with hoards of Moon Pies leftover from 2015-16. Lettuce on hamburgers has been replaced with Moon Pies well as many other small changes. One student Tweeted today from Foley High School "Hamburger steak with Mashed potatoes- Ughh! Hamburger steak with Mashed Moon Pies and gravy- Sooo Gucci" (attached to the tweet was a Gif of said student doing "the Dab".

Very few parents have spoke up against the new ruling. Perhaps this is due to the environmental havoc the Moon Pie surplus has caused the county over the years. Every Mardi Gras, families are stuck with bags of Moon Pies which eventually get sent to the Moon Pie waste management plant in Elberta where they are processed into Furniture, Pet Food, and manufactured homes. 

Although there has been little controversy over the Moon Pies, Fairhope Intermediate School was reprimanded over their decision to feed the student just Mardi Gras beads this week. Parents started noticing when their septic tanks started bursting, sending some very unpleasant "throws" across the neigborhoods.

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