Friday, August 18, 2017

Master Joe's Sushi to rename to "Maester Joe's" for next month to celebrate hit series Game of Thrones, Dragon Rolls to be half price.

One of the staple restaurants of downtown Fairhope is sushi dive Master Joe's on Section st. What people probably don't know is that Master Joe is a huge fan of the epic HBO series Game of Thrones. This season of GOT has already been explosive and there is still three episodes left, this has got Joe brainstorming. 

For the next month Fairhope will welcome "Maester Joe's", a play on the series characters. Along with the name change there will be many specials to draw in fans and food fanatics alike. Half price Triple Dragon Rolls, a special Sashimi dish dubbed "Jon SnowCrab Knows Nothing", and plenty more. Fans are welcome to come eat in full costume for the next month for discounts as well.
Master Joe is not the only fan of GOT in Alabama. Most notably, a group in south Alabama that call themselves The Night's Watch have stirred up much controversy with their proposition to build a huge wall blocking off the Bayway and the Causeway in hopes to keep out the White Walkers (Yankees). Many Alabamian have made vows of chastity to join the group and now they spend their time on the Causeway watching for White Walkers and "wildlings" (Mobilians).

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