Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Navy develops new "Stealth Terra Rover" and it's soon sighted around Fairhope.

Confidential documents released last fall from WikiLeaks hold detailed accounts of a new stealth camouflaged vehicle being developed by the U.S Navy. The amphibious vehicle is said to be a breakthrough for the military as it can be used for land and sea use. The leaks reported that the Navy would at some point release one of the units as a prototype, and we think we found it.

Fairhope PD has reported several call ins from locals who claim to have seen a floating windows and wheels rolling down Scenic 98. Apparently, when used on roadways near the waterline it is nearly invisible. This would be very useful for a military who needs to sneakily transport soldiers up a coastline.

New reports also reveal that along with the top U.S Scientists the government brought in the cast from the hit television series Tanked, a reality series about professional fish tank artists, to develop the secret vehicle.

When not being camouflaged by the bay, the lifelike fish swimming across the vehicle appear to be so real it has local children frightened. Some local men have even tried to attack the fish with jars of tartar sauce to no avail. Of course, the military has utilized anti-tartar sauce windows.

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