Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sadly, Pumpkin Spice just never feels right in the deep south.

  Every Fall millions of folks around America will take part it the time honored tradition known as Pumpkin Spice season. Leaves will fall, and people will start turning in their tee shirts for sweaters and cardigans as they stand in line to sip on Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Of course, we serve the same cinnamon and allspice drenched stuff here too, but it never feels right when people are having heat strokes in the Starbuck's Drive-thru.

You can even get pumpkin spice cakes, cookies, soaps, and toothpaste these days. That's for good reason too, the stuff is amazing. Although the stereotypical consumer is the College Sorority Sister, I'd reckon that 90% of the burliest guys are in the the Pumpkin Spice closet (the best smelling closet to be in). Maybe the deep south needs it's own rebuttal to the trend. Maybe something that bring up southern Autumn nostalgia. Here are some ideas:

Mosquito Repellent flavored coffee creamer with DEET,

Pine Straw infused lemonade,

Sangria flavored deodorant good for multiple applications in a day,

A Latte flavored with the defeat of just giving up on lawn mowing this year.

I don't see why we have to be left out of the sweater season either. Under Armour needs to develop sweat wicking sweaters with plenty of those fishing flaps on the back to let us join in on the fun. I'm sure they can made them in Houndstooth and Auburn colors. Either way, I'll still be taking 4 showers today.

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