Sunday, September 10, 2017

CK Collection turns local pests into profit

Local apparel store CK Collection has once again stepped up to help the Fairhope community. This summer the owners saw a news report of a small dog getting attacked by a reptile at Duck Pond. This got them thinking. They realized that their inventory already consists of alligator skin belts, shoes, and other accessories... why not amazing boots too? 

With the help of local alligator hunters and the craftiness of the Eastern Shore Art Center they were able to come up with stylish boots that would have Donatella Vercace envious. 

The boots will be available starting in October and will be featured in the Fairhope Times new Fasion publication. At only $399, these "Crocs" are steal and they're sure to have your friends shedding crocodile tears! 

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