Monday, September 11, 2017

New gas station plans a Marathon in the roundabout for Grand Opening, hundreds of athletes expected to compete-

The highly controversial gas station that's being developed in the roundabout is trying to get on the public's good side with a new announcement made today.  The Marathon gas station will open it's doors next month with a grand ceremony featuring live music, food, and a full fledged 26.2 mile Marathon taking place completely in the roundabout.

Hundreds of national runners have already registered for the Marathon Marathon including many locals. The athletes will begin their journey in the parking lot of the gas station, where they will exit and begin the run circling the roundabout nearly 416 times. Runners will receive racing numbers and their placing will be tracked by a board of 10 officials who will keep track of the laps of every runner as they g
lide around the ring of misery.

The City of Fairhope will keep the roundabout open to traffic throughout the event, and to keep the runners spread out, the City has planned "Tough Mudder"(a running event that takes place through mud,water, and other obstacles) to take place in the other roundabout at the 13/Gayfer intersection. The Gayfer roundabout is still uncompleted, but officials say the large amount of foot traffic during the event will help pack the dirt, pushing competion time closer.

For the Fairhope citizens who do not want to compete in the Marathon Marathon or the Gayfer Tough Mudder event, there will still be plenty to do at the grand opening. For music lovers, the Grammy winning rock band Yes will be performing in the middle of the roundabout from 7am-3pm playing an extended 8 hour version of their hit song "Roundabout". Lickin' Good Donuts will also be giving away complimentary chocolate donuts at the Tough Mudder for those who compete.


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