Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Local Petting Zoo "The Lionz Den" now open for children's parties.

If you head south of town on Greeno road you'll notice a lovely tan establishment dubbed "The Lionz Den". This quaint little petting zoo popped up recently, and has been delighting children ever since. Head down some nights to see the "Poppa Duck" exhibit, or maybe just feed some baby goats. There's always something fun in store at the Den!

Parents, please don't confuse Fairhope's Lionz Den with the other Lionz Den in Theodore, which provides the public with erotic novelties. That doesn't mean The Lionz Den isn't fun for the whole family though... while the kids are playing with the pets, adults can sample a good variety of adult beverages and show their moves on the shiny dance floor. Hopefully, DJ Totes McGoats will be manning the turntables.


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