Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Feud between local rappers Mobillionaire and E-Sho Flo' erupts, security questions arise.

Since his debut hit "Old Shell Naw!" back in 2009, Mobile Rapper Mobillionaire has caused nothing but trouble for locals. His clashes with different eastern shore rappers have been the subject of many news reports over the last decade, but that may all be coming to an end next month. A new challenger has risen from the ashes of previous eastern shore contenders. His name?

 E-Sho Flo'

E-Sho Flo' grew up in Fairhope, but was born in Daphne (although he doesn't claim this.). His given name was Eastern Shore Flow, but later shortened as rappers are wont to do. He showed spectacular skills with rhyming at age 4, and seeing this, his parents enrolled him at Bayside Academy's special program for gifted hustla's, rappers, and potty trained pimps. E-Sho was a child prodigy, and was soon out rapping the whole Bayside staff.

Mobillionaire, posing with his Cammie's Old Dutch Grill
Earlier this summer E-Sho Flo dropped a new track on Spotify called "Mobillionaire. More like Mobile-ya-Square!" which immediately had 2 Million plays and garnered the attention of Mobilionaire's posse,  Millionairport Blvd. Boyz. Threats were made back and forth via Twitter for the following months as the Mobile/Eastern Shore beef grew in intensity. Mobillionaire struck back in July with a diss track of his own titled "Baywata' Breath" with stinging lines aimed against Fairhopers and E-Sho Flow himself, such as "You sportin' Panama Jack back flaps, with your Bayside Chaps, and your weak raps, bet your yacht got fat gnats, makin ya slap back, jack.". He than goes on to repeat "Gucci" nearly 100 times.

Fairhope's "Live at Five" concert series at Coastal Community College (name may change at any moment) is set to host both rappers next month on the same stage. This has led to security concerns at the possibility of a rap battle. If a real life battle takes place then older white audience members may panic, possibly injuring themselves or others. Speculators on Twitter are saying that the victor of this battle will surely hold the rap crown of the entire bay area and end the feud once and for all, or until next year.

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