Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Pope moves Sabbath to Monday hoping for Chick-fil-A all weekend.

Fans of restaurant chain Chick-fil-A will be happy with news that upon the changing of the traditional Sabbath day, they will now remain open on all Sundays. The surprise came this weekend when Pope Francis declared the change, claiming that it would benefit the Catholic and greater Christian Community if the Sabbath would be on a Monday. This should effectively cut down on the "Sunday Weirds", the feeling of despair and dread that comes on Sundays when thinking about the upcoming work week, and would allow Christians to take off from work for church services on Mondays. We suspect that Chick-fil-A had something to do with the decision, as Francis gave the address in Vatican City while consuming a Spicy Chicken sandwich and waffle fries.

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